Photography by Umbrella Tree Photography

Hello! Welcome to my bio page!

My name is Danielle and I am a cinematographer & photographer based out of Maple Ridge, British Columbia.

I I am a wife, mother, photographer, and cinematographer. I grew up as an artist and a writer, always doing art and writing in my English classes.. I never had the talent for amazing paint, drawing, sculpting, or being an author but I found a passion in photo and film. I had they eye but not the hand to create beautiful things. Until I put the right tool in my hand; a camera.

With film and I am able to create the narratives I wished I could write, I was able to create beautiful images that I had envisioned in my mind but could not draw or paint. That is why my passion stems with Wedding and Branding Creation. Weddings are beautiful in and of themselves but being able to create and tell your narrative and love story is what I love to do. Not just show a pretty wedding video, but rather create a beautiful wedding film full of emotion, of story, of personality, and creativity.

Branding Creation is another passion of mine because it is creativity to the max. Every piece can be hand crafted and unique. I love the creative process that goes behind creating a business brand. Every piece tells a story. Seeing a business use the content we create to create or elevate their business just goes to show how powerful creativity can be. I guess it really comes down to the idea that I love to artistically tell powerful stories and make people feel inspired!

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