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Proffesional head shot of danielle gwilliam head of Gwilliam Photography and videography


It's Me


Did you ever wonder what it was like to attend your grandparents wedding? Or what your nursery looked like when you were born? I did, and I've only ever seen 1 black and white photo. 

   Growing up my mom would scrapbook and make fun pages full of memories from times I lived but had no memory of. I used to look at those photographs and try to imagine what my life was like back then. Seeing photographs of my grandparents without wrinkles or grey hair was strange.

    I lived with my paternal grandparents until the age of 12. Not even 6 months later my grandfather died of cancer that nobody even knew he had. He died before the Doctors had even diagnosed him. He left behind a video of himself telling stories, the history of our Russian Mennonite ancestors, and his parents. He left a legacy of faith, generosity, and love of family. 

    My family for generations has kept records of our family tree: names, dates, beliefs, and sacrifices; stories handed down to build a legacy with a vision of love and faith to strengthen the future generations. 

    Through the years as I have worked on my family history and learned more about my ancestors and their struggles. I have found such a love and joy that strengthens me and inspires me to document our family's milestones and pass down a legacy to my own children and give them the opportunity to really know us and our story. 

 I have found such a strength and joy in immersing myself with stories of people who clung to hope, gave love, kept faith when it was so easy to give up, and sought for freedom and fought for their rights. 


A proffesional couple photos of Tom and Danielle Gwilliam

   As a photographer and cinematographer my goal for every client is to help create a comfortable and stress free atmosphere that prompts genuinely happy interactions to document your story, your family, and create images or video that tell your legacy.

    Wedding films that tell your love story and allow the viewer to feel your love and feel like they had attended.


    Lifestyle newborn and family photos that show your love and excitement despite the sleepless nights, the tiny little toes you love to kiss, those little eyes that look up at you and just speak to your soul.


    Family photos that document the personalities of each child, the way he looks at you, or the way she can make you smile. 

    The time I can save you by curating business content that you don't have to spend worrying about instead of creating memories with your family and being present with them. 

 I cannot wait to meet you and have the privilege to document your family legacy one milestone at a time!

Looking at printed family photos and family history photos.

It isn't hard to become your own family historian. Collecting photographs, printing your own, writing names, dates, locations, etc., journaling, chatting with family members, compiling pedigree charts, taking home videos.. There are so many ways to contribute to your family history legacy!



   You know that saying "opposites attract?" Well, Tom and I are almost complete opposites! He is the lighthearted, funny, outgoing social butterfly and I am a quiet, introvert that usually completely misses jokes!

  Tom grew up in Alberta on an acreage with his family. He spent two years after high school on a service mission for our church and then met me a couple months after returning home. Once we got married he worked as an assistant sup for a home building company. Once I finished nursing school we moved back to my home in the lower mainland and bought our first home! Since then Tom has began school for a Bachelor of Business and has become interested with not only being our book keeper but has also found a love for filmmaking and animation. 


   Tanner is our smart, happy, smiley almost 6 year old. He loves medical science and often wants to read my anatomy textbooks and view the photos to learn all about bones, the heart, the digestive system and the brain. His best friend, other than mommy, is Dodger, our quiet and loving dog. Tanner LOVES video games. He says he wants to be a video game designer. 

   Aliya is our spunky almost 2 year old. She doesn't like TV, except Miss Rachel. However she will only last a maximum of 20 minutes. She loves to play with her brother and loves to go outside on walks.


Danielle began photography journey in Berlin, Germany


Tom & Danielle Married in Vancouver

Danielle Graduated UofA BScNursing and adopted Dodger our Australian Kelpie Mix


Moved to Pitt Meadows, Officially started Gwilliam Photography, AND welcomed Tanner to the world

Tom began school at Douglas College BBA



Tom officially becomes part of the team and also brings ANIMATION SERVICES


Baby Aliya Joined us in February!



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