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Tym & Madison | Vancouver Fraser Valley Wedding Photographer

Back in grade 8 I remember going on a high school band retreat in Kelowna and went to the ski hill to go tubing as a class. The ski hill was dark but lit by a dim spot light and the entire hill was full of us rowdy teenagers. I played trumpet and there were probably 8 of us in the junior band trumpet section. We were getting on our tubes holding hands outstretched and crossed to another tuber and spinning as we went down the hill trying to not fly out of the tubes. I sat down in my tube and reached across to my partner, Tym. I remember thinking, "I like this guy, he is cool. I want to be his friend." Years go by and friends we were. High school graduation came and I did not want to go to grad with a boyfriend in fear that I would hate my graduation experience if we were to break up. So I asked Tym if he would go with me to Grad as my friend. So we did. I remember looking around and thinking how many of these people will I ever see again?

Fast forward to Summer of 2019 and up on my facebook feed pops a photo of Tym on one knee asking a girl to be his wife. I was so excited for Tym as memories from high school flooded my mind. Of course I facebook creeped his fiancee and holy she was drop dead gorgeous and smart. Later through our meetings I found out she is funny, sweet, and has a heart of gold. I fell in love with her the moment I met her!

Fast Forward again to the Fall and I found myself watching the two of them emotionally vow to love each other all the days of their lives surrounded by all their closest friends and family. Their family and friends had beautiful words to say regarding them individually and even more true words to say about them together.

Tym and Madison complement each other so beautifully. It gave me chills and warmed my heart to see such perfectly matched souls so in love. Tym asked me if I ever thought Id live to see the day he got married. Jokingly, of course, I suppose many people thought he never would get married. I however said no, not because I didn't think it wasn't in the cards, but because I never thought I would have had the opportunity to SEE him get married. I was so grateful watching him say I do, and getting a glimpse of his life since we parted at graduation. It's not everyday you get to witness such magic, such love, such tangible gentleness and admiration. I walked away from their wedding with a renewed sense of hope in love. I wish all the best to these two and I am so privileged to have witnessed and played my small part in their big day.

Hair @hairycolaa & @eliebarber

Make up @taliajoycemakeup

Venue Riverside Community Church

Wedding Planning Michelle

Dress: @thebridalgallery

Suit: Debonair Formal Wear

Earrings @warrenstevenscott

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