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Baby Brooklyn | Family + Newborn Session | Fraser Valley Photographer

I have known Brooklyn's father growing up, and her mother and I became friends a couple years back when we moved back to BC. So, needless to say, I was ecstatic when they asked if I would photograph their little girl! Luckily Shannon had an idea of what she was looking for because Brooklyn decided to come earlier than her due date! I remember I was standing in the kitchen making dinner when my husband came up to me and said "hey they had their baby today!" I had previously borrowed ALL of my mom's artificial flowers from the weddings my mom had decorated for so I started putting together different combinations (There were a lot of flowers to choose from, like... A LOT) to see what would look really nice and springy. I had remembered Shannon had said she LOVES tulips so I was pretty happy when I found 5 yellow tulips.

The whole family came over and I could not believe how beautiful and tiny she was! Just over 6 lbs of absolute cuteness! My son was 7lbs 11 oz so not only had I forgotten how tiny babies are but I literally had never held that tiny of a baby. Everybody chatted and played, ate some snacks, and had a good time while we photographed this perfect little angel. I learned so much from them as they talked about their birth experience, the transition back to newborn baby phase, and now being parents of two kids. Absolutely love this family! They are such a good example of loving parents who play and teach their children. As for Brooklyn, she did not cry once! She slept, I kid you not, 98% of the entire session. I was blown away. 3 days old ya they are pretty sleepy, but man was she ever just a pro at newborn photos!

The minute we switched to family photos and daddy picked her up she got big smiles. I absolutely love capturing those small tiny moments that happen so fast but mean the world to the family. I was sooo happy to have caught that! Thank you fast shutter speed! Her big brother wanted a turn to hold her and a big smile broke across his face too. We played, laughed, and pretended to sleep with Brooklyn. He thought that was pretty funny.

By the end of the session we had tons of amazing photos and when I showed Shannon a photo of Brooklyn with the yellow tulips and the family photo of her, Ian, and Brooklyn she was super happy they had decided to come over to do photos and capture of precious photos of their perfect little girl and their entire family. It always makes me happy to hear back from clients how much they love their images and how much fun and relaxed the session was. That too me is why I do what I do. Not just to create beautiful images that capture memories to look back on has time passes, but to make photography an experience.

Photography to me is more than just a yearly image to document how much the family has grown. Instead I make my sessions an experience that fosters families to grow, spend time laughing together, being together, no busy schedules, no soccer practice to go to, no to do lists to worry about; instead I give my clients family time. Family is what is important and those relationships are what make this world keep spinning. That is why I capture the little moments, the little interactions between those you love, and the personalities of the ones you love. That is why I do what I do. To give you images meaning, emotion, and memory.

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