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Vernon Maternity | Fraser Valley Newborn Photographer

I have known Josh since... well as long as I can remember. We grew up together and I used to have sleepovers with his sister when I was young. Once he married Karly and I found out the were expecting I was soo excited for them both! I was also excited because that meant my son would have another little boy to play with one day!

Karly had her eye on Addington Marsh and I love golden hour there. It is such a beautiful landscape over at Pitt Lake. Very popular spot though. We were lucky we only ran into one or two other photographers that evening. I had checked on google earth when the sun would be setting behind the peaks of the mountains however google lied. Google is a bit fast thank goodness. We had to wait around for the sun to go down a little bit because it was SUPER harsh light! But once it went behind the mountain... muwah! It was gorgeous!

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