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Baby Mia | Fraser Valley Newborn Photographer

Only a few days after her mama's maternity session Baby Mia decided she was ready to meet her family! I love lifestyle family sessions and love to do styled newborn photos as well because lets be honest sometimes newborns just look awkward because they are so not used to being in the outside world yet! Haha So I brought my travel studio to her home and was able to meet her for the first time. She was super sleepy and such a beautiful baby. She hardly cried the entire time.

My lifestyle newborn sessions focus on the family. The interactions between family members and the love that they have for each other. Every time I have looked back and old photos from when I was a baby I loved to see the small details of my early life. What my parents looked like, how they looked at me, what my house looked like, what toys I played with, what clothes my parents put on me (don't get me started with that 90's kid fashion ugh).

That is what I love about lifestyle portraits. They show life as it was in that moment. Sure it may be a little more posed that real life but the home is where all the memories are made. Where all the long nights happened and where our first steps are taken. These photos are as much for mom and dad as they are for Mia!

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