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Baby Spencer | Fraser Valley Newborn Photographer

Spencer was the first newborn baby boy that I had the pleasure of photographing. He was quite sleepy and I loved being able to incorporate some foliage into his more neutral back drops. I actually think he was my first newborn other than my son that I photographed. Haha ya I'm catching up on this years photo sessions and boy was I behind!

I had asked some of the moms in my community if there were any newborns that were born in the last two weeks that would be interested in getting a free newborn session so I could practice posing, lighting, and wrapping newborns. As a nurse I have always focused on newborns from a health perspective and then as a mom from a "I will keep you alive and love you" perspective but it was a pleasure to finally have the perspective as a newborn photographer. Props to the photographers who do this for a living! One must have extreme patience. Most people don't realize how much work goes into just ONE image. It can take an hour sometimes to just calm the baby down enough to get a "sleeping" photo (in reality they just blinked! ahahaha)

Spencer however was a joy! He was naturally super sleepy and had such beautiful skin! Check out my first ever newborn photos! haha #throwback

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