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Earlier this year I did some styled shoots of some brides and grooms for my portfolio and I met this amazing couple! Turned out she was a make up artist so her make up looked fabulous! They brought their daughter along to the shoot and turned out she was going to be turning one in a couple months and we arranged to do a cake smash! My FIRST cake smash EVER!! I didn't do one for my son, though after doing this one I really wish I had. Oh well, live and learn!

I have a whole room full of fake flowers that my mom has collected over the past 5 years from putting on weddings and I borrowed them to make some bouquets for my styled wedding shoots. I found this beautiful pink flower garland and had a bunch of pink and salmon coloured flowers that I thought would be absolutely perfect for some backdrop props.

Nikki messaged me saying she found such a cute pink tutu and had some pearl necklaces that would be absolutely perfect for the look we were going for.

When the big day came I turned my living room into a make shift studio. Luckily my mom also had white table cloths I used as a backdrop. When now-one-year-old baby E came over we decided to get some portraits done before bringing out the cake. Boy was she ever on the move! She was not camera shy what so ever! haha

Pro tip #1 If baby is in the stage of putting EVERYTHING in their mouth or teething pearl necklaces = not a good idea. I found a little pearl under my couch this week haha

When we brought out the cake she needed a little convincing to taste the cake but once she found out there was chocolate under the icing she SMASHED that cake! Which means awesome photos but BIG mess! Baby E needed a bath after to get all the icing and cake off.

Check out some of the fun we had! Big thanks to Baby E, her awesome parents, and my mom's extensive prop collection for helping me put this together! It turned out amazing.

The Aftermath

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