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Collaboration | Desiree + Nic | Vancouver Wedding Photographer

This year I decided I was going to break out of my comfort zone and really try to push myself artistically as a photographer. I wanted to break into the market as a wedding photographer and I knew I needed to start working on a portfolio. I had a vision in my head of what I wanted to accomplish and so I set to work. I knew an old friend from high school who I thought would be a perfect model for the look I was going for. I messaged her and luckily she was totally on board! Next step: find a dress that fits! Any bride knows you buy a dress off the rack it will likely need alterations so finding a dress that fit perfectly was going to be a challenge. However, my sister-in-law had a dress she bought off the rack that was absolutely gorgeous! She never ended up wearing it though because the alterations would have really made the dress not what she wanted. So I borrowed that dress and bless the heavens it fit PERFECTLY! As if it was made for her.

I then contacted Maple Ridge Florist, SavvyJHair, and Blooming Beauty for flowers, hair and make up. They all were excited to collaborate and low and behold all that was left to do was to find a groom. I really wanted some authentic chemistry as my style of photography is based off of the relationships and chemistry of those in the photographs so I crossed my fingers as my model Desiree asked her camera shy boyfriend if he would be my groom. I was quite happy when she texted me back and said he was good to go!

The big day was fast approaching and I was searching and searching for the perfect locations to make my vision come to life. I really wanted a romantic European architecture for the bridals and I really wanted some golden light for the bride and groom. As I was talking with my dad TWO DAYS before the shoot he told me he thought he knew of a place that would be what I was looking for. That night as I went on my night shift he and my brother and sister in law went on a hunt to find this place he thought he knew about. As I was getting my patients ready for bed and medications handed out she send me a photo of the location. I think I actually might have woken up the nearest patient with my screeches of joy haha. It was stunning and exactly what I was looking for! Thank you Daddy!

The day of the shoot was an early one but I was soo excited to get the morning rolling.

Here are some photos of getting ready for the day:

@savvyjhair doing a twisted updo for our European styled location

@bloomingbeautymakeup doing her thing!

Beauty Shots! Model: @rayray.desiree

We put on the dress and then we off to pick up the beautiful flowers provided by Shelli at Maple Ridge Florist. We drove out to Burnaby for the first location and took the bridal shots. Then we waited until golden hour and did the Bride and Groom Portraits in Langley. We also ran into another photographer doing a family shoot and had a fun little interaction haha @kenzie.tippe! Don't worry not creepy at all ;) haha

So enjoy the images! These ladies + gentleman were fantastic. Go team!

Shelli did an amazing job with the Florals! @mapleridgeflorist

Thanks again to these amazing people to make this happen!

Check them out they are fantastic:




@rayray.desiree + bf Nic

ig: @dgwilliamphotography

fb: @gwilliamphotography

my lovely assistant @rachel_geez

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