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Collaboration | Justine | Vancouver Wedding Photographer

I had so much fun over the summer focusing on wedding photography and second shooting that I organized a collaboration shoot with Maple Ridge Florist for a styled bridal shoot. I have always been awed by the talent from the florists at Maple Ridge Florist. Gorgeous every time and the bouquet and flower crown was no exception.

I wanted to find a new and beautiful location that I hadn't yet had the opportunity to shoot at and BC is full of them. So when Justine agreed to model I got to drive the opposite direction that I usually go for locations! Abbotsford!

We walked the trail and found some gorgeous spots and the golden hour across the pond was stunning. I had been longing for a place with tall grass and we found it! However, beware of the baby grass hoppers. They like to jump into your clothes. Unfortunately for Justine that meant DOWN her dress..... that was a laugh. Made for some good memories though!

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