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Kaila Maternity | Fraser Valley Photographer

When Manisha had messaged me about scheduling a maternity and newborn photo package I was excited when she had mentioned Deer Lake was only 10 minutes from her home. I had been longing to checking out Deer Lake in Burnaby and was beyond happy when I stumbled across Century Gardens. How did I grow up in the lower mainland and NOT KNOW that Century Gardens existed?!

When I finally met up with the gang I was super happy with how relaxed they were behind the camera! They were naturals! Not to mention Manisha was just glowing and rocked that baby bump. It was a warm summer evening and the golden hour sun was setting behind us which made for a beautiful maternity session. There were so many beautiful trees and flowers that really added to the feminine beauty vibe.

We had decided to go venture over to the willow tree and closer to the lake some Canadian Geese decided they did not like us roaming around their beloved willow tree. We managed to get one photo before a goose decided to charge at us from 30 meters away and claim that spot his own. Well after that we went to the lake and gave them their space and yet a few decided they owned the WHOLE park and followed us down to the lake. Silly geese. Parks are for sharing.

If you have ever wondered about getting some maternity photos taken before baby comes as a beautiful momento of your family before the little one arrives I would definitely say do it! There is an excitement of the anticipation for the baby to arrive that is beautiful to capture. Before all the late nights, puke stained shirts, and dark circles under your eyes from the early days of having a newborn just take a moment to enjoy your family as it is and then take a moment to be excited together for this beautiful next chapter of your lives.

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